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Richard F Vince

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pruning for autumnal reawakening... [Friday 05 September 2008, 23 29]
Richard F Vince
ladies and gentlemen...

by the time you read this, i will have reduced my friends list quite considerably. as you'll probably have noticed, i haven't been very active on here for a bit, or indeed very socially active in a general sense. i feel like i'm getting there, but i was finding the size of my friends list pretty daunting, so. i have reduced it in the hope that it will hasten my return to being sociable.

generally, if you've been removed it's because either you've disappeared from LJ, or i don't feel like i know you. however, if you would like to continue to read my friends locked posts [once i start writing them again...], please ask to be added back and i will probably do so. after all, if i didn't want you reading my stuff, i'd had removed you from my friends list a while ago. :)

if i've caused any offence, please accept my apologies. however, this is something i feel i need to do, so. whether i've kept you on the list or not, i wish you happiness and fulfilment.
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in lieu of a proper entry... [Sunday 09 December 2007, 23 04]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |sleepygetting sleepy]
[I am listening to |Metallica - The Unforgiven]

1. "Shorley Wall" by Ooberman
i think i discovered Ooberman when i obtained a few MP3s from someone i know. they sort of lurked in my music folder until the random function found them. i rather liked "Running Girl" when it was chosen, but when this song came on...wow. it truly is a thing of beauty, particularly the poem read at the end, which can bring me close to tears [no mean feat]. possibly my favourite song.

2. "Precious Things" by Tori Amos
one of Ms Amos' more dramatic moments. i must confess to not knowing this album all that well yet, though i suppose i've not had it that long. expect me to say that about at least a few of the songs that come up...

3. "Pseudo Silk Kimono" by Marillion
the introduction to "Misplaced Childhood", followed immediately by what is perhaps Marillion's best known song, "Kayleigh", without which it seems almost incomplete. if i ever get around to writing and recording a concept album, i'd love it to have an introduction as effective as this. i once worked out how to play the keyboard part, somehow...

4. "Soil" by system of a Down
i think the random thing picked this deliberately to provide a contrast with its previous choice. SoaD are not one of my favourite bands, but when i'm in the mood i quite enjoy their music's frantic, insane quality. this song contains a pleasant mixture of silly rhythms, maniacal screaming and melodic guitar work. probably a good microcosm.

5. "Push Me, Pull Me" by Pearl Jam
from "Yield", the most recent PJ album i've actually bought. it contains some really good songs, of which this isn't one. while it's lyrically interesting, the music is a mess. this may add to the effect, but i could just be looking for something good to say...

6. "San Francisco" by Scott McKenzie
i've not been to San Francisco, though i would like to at some point, if only to bash the trolleybuses and trams. being very much a product of its time, this song sounds very dated now, but i would like to find out if there are many people there now with flowers in their hair. there don't seem to be anywhere else.

7. "In Your Shoes" by Terrorvision
one of those bands loads of my friends were into about ten years ago but i never really discovered, the wonderfully silly "Oblivion" being the exception. this is on an album that has apparently arrived on my computer courtesy of my other half, who also discovered them while i was oblivious, rooting through my parents' record collection.

8. "You Can Have It All" by the Kaiser Chiefs
when i borrowed the album on which this is from a friend, i didn't really expect to like it, but was pleasantly surprised. this isn't a favourite track of mine, probably because it lacks the rather silly vivaciousness of most of the rest of the album, which is what i enjoy about it. it's probably a good song, but it's one to which i've paid little attention because of its context.

9. "Glass Bottom Boat" by Kathryn Williams
from her most recent album, which is marvellous but for whatever reason isn't one i listen to that often. this is one of the more becalmed moments; it has an almost dreamlike feel.

10. "Coldsweat" by the Sugarcubes
another song i don't know all that well, though it's one of the ones i recognise on the compilation of theirs that i possess. it has an almost Sundays esque feel to it, which perhaps sounds more unlikely than it is.

[cross posted a few minutes ago to musicshuffle, a community best not added to your flist.]
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let me close my eyes and lie invisible, and perhaps the clouds will pass through me... [Monday 03 December 2007, 20 42]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |optimisticoptimistic]
[I am listening to |Ooberman - Shorley Wall]

well, i've been doing well with this LJ updating lark again. November 2007 was the first calendar month since September 2005 in which i posted no entries, in case you're interested. i have actually been spending productively some of the time in which i would otherwise have been posting, so all is not lost. here's a brief [?] rundown: so brief i have put it behind a cutCollapse )

i feel ready to stop being an internet hermit again, so hopefully circumstances won't continue to conspire to prevent me from doing so. we shall see.

edited to add at 2046: sorry i've used for subject line of this entry a line i used relatively recently. my excuse is that it's from a great song. so there.
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is this some kind of joke they're trying to pull on us? [Tuesday 30 October 2007, 22 17]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |sleepysleepy]
[I am listening to |James Taylor - Something in the Way She Moves]

in internet terms at least, i seem to have gone into hermit mode again. i've not been especially down or anything, i've just not felt especially sociable, and for that i apologise. it's been caused mostly by being unwell, and being exhausted as a result. i had a rather nasty cold, which was followed within a week by a second, nastier cold. as a result, my asthma has most definitely returned, having looked like coming back for a while. the joy. it isn't too bad, but having to use a preventer inhaler regularly again isn't exactly welcome. at least i'm not waking up short of breath any more.

time for some edited highlights of the past six weeks or so. i've been on a few bashing type expeditions, which may get bashing log type entries in due course. here is a bit about some of the places i visitedCollapse )

i've also been a couple of noteworthy gigs this month. first was iLiKETRAiNS at the Social, which sadly suffered from poor sound engineering and therefore wasn't quite as impressive as when i first saw them. still a great sound in which to immerse oneself. then the week after i went to the Rescue Rooms for the first time and saw Maps. one of my colleagues discovered them when he happened upon them performing at the Mercury Prize thing on the telly. he lent me their album, and i was sufficiently impressed to go and see them live with him and two other colleagues. i bought the album at the gig and it's continued to grow on me.

last weekend featured a brief visit to the West Midlands, in order to join catoui for her birthday type celebrations in Birmingham. it was the first time in ages that i'd seen a lot of the people who were there, so it was rather overdue really. going out of an evening in Birmingham is something i've hardly ever done, so it was a fairly unusual experience. in a major departure from my usual manner i managed to have a rather strange conversation about wine with a woman at the bar. very odd.

anyway. before i finish this off, it's time for a small update on the Superdrug Saga. the bag i had been reusing consistently for several weeks finally had to be withdrawn from service as one of its handles looked like it was about to break. sadly, this came shortly after two separate comments on its longevity from different members of Superdrug staff, including an observation that it "must be the most well used bag to come through this shop". its replacement, donated to me by a colleague, is made of thinner plastic and is therefore unlikely to last as long. thankfully, i have some non Superdrug bags available in case the worst happens.

so yeah. time to post this and make sure i've posted at least one entry this month; it's likely to be the only one as i'm out tomorrow evening. i hope all's been going well with you while i've been semi away.
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who knows? maybe this time things will turn out just the way you planned... [Monday 17 September 2007, 20 06]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |scaredunnerved]
[I am listening to |Green Day - Emenius Sleepus]

a poor start to the week, walking wise: i was up too late to walk to work this morning, and then the weather worsened rather as i left work, so i got a bus to Sainsbury's. annoyingly, the weather deteriorated further as i walked back. when i was about a third of the way into the ten minutes or so walk, the clouds finally did what they'd been promising for three or four hours. for the first time in a long time, i actually had to remove my outer clothing when i got home so it could dry.

perverse as it may sound in view of the foregoing, i actually quite enjoyed today's weather. at last, it really felt like autumn. years ago, i hated September: it symbolised the end of the relative freedom of summer, and hailed the beginning of yet another seemingly eternal year of captivity. now i am free to appreciate it for the beautiful month it is. yesterday evening, the sky was incredible: almost entirely covered with slate like cloud, but with just enough clear pastel sky just above the horizon to silhouette the buildings and trees. as Mari said that "if you painted that sky it would just look fake." the windy, darkening evenings of autumn beckon. what a fabulous prospect.

in other news, it would seem that i have a lookalike, in the shape of Pakistan allrounder Sohail Tanvir. scary.
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some people stand in the darkness, afraid to step into the light... [Sunday 16 September 2007, 13 06]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |tiredslightly tired]
[I am listening to |Semisonic - All Worked Out]

yesterday, a small quantity of progress was made on my forthcoming model railway.* only a small quantity, as i felt rather bleh after lunch [mainly because of an on/off headache] and so had a good look through the October issue of Model Rail. after that i felt rather better, so i finished sorting out the edge i messed up when cutting the Sundeala, and then i sawed the timber for the frame. this is mostly finished; one cross member needs to be sanded to size, but once that's done i'll be able to assemble the frame.

after that, Mari and i went to the Wake, which i managed to enjoy in spite of the continuing headache. i even had a bit of a bop, to "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" by Specimen. i'd have danced to both of the songs i requested**, had they come on, but i've a feeling none of the DJs had either of them.

there was, as expected, no journeying to far off lands yesterday, but there was a lie in, which was good. i was hoping for one this morning, but alas it didn't materialise. here's hoping for decent sleep this week...
* i should decide on a name for it, so i can refer to it by name. for some reason i'm thinking of setting it in Coventry, so it may end up being named after somewhere like Spon End or Earlsdon or somewhere.
** "Promised You a Miracle" by Simple Minds, and "Life's What You Make It" by Talk Talk.***
*** while i think about it, where a footnote marker appears after a word which has a punctuation mark after it [like the full stop and comma in the main text of this entry], should the footnote marker appear after the punctuation, or between the word and the punctuation? one for your good self perhaps, ems?
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you and all your jewellery and my bleeding heart... [Friday 14 September 2007, 20 33]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |tiredtired]
[I am listening to |Wire Daisies - Just Another Day]

today i walked both to and from work, so this week i made nine of the ten journeys on foot. walking home today i really felt like i'd achieved something. ten out of ten next week, i wonder? to achieve that i'll have to make sure i get up in decent time every morning, something with which i've struggled lately.

thankfully i got up in good time today, as it was my favourite Metro distributor's last day in the job, and i've been too late for her lately. i'm definitely not alone in my appreciation of her: one person had given her flowers, while another had written a song for her and gave her a framed copy of the lyrics [complete with the Metro masthead at the top]. the morning won't be the same without her.

there's little else to report. i discovered a bug in the software i've been learning, unfortunately as a result of accidentally deleting an essential user account. what fun. i've no idea what i'll do tomorrow before the Wake, aside from hopefully having a decent lie in. if i succeed in this aim, i am unlikely to go anywhere especially far afield, if anywhere. i may try to get more done on my [hopefully soon to be] model railway. given a few hours i should be able to make good progress. we shall see.
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it was my fate from birth to make my mark upon the Earth... [Thursday 13 September 2007, 19 40]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |okayunremarkable]
[I am listening to |The Wildhearts - Naivety Play]

my prediction regarding the effects of my productivity at work last week has sort of come true. i haven't actually run out of stuff to do; i've merely run out of stuff to do instead of trying to make sense of some new software i shall be using in future. to be honest, i'd actually forgotten about it, even after receiving the manual the other day. so far, of course, i am finding that the manual doesn't entirely make sense, as some of the names of menus don't match those in the program, and it features sections relating to aspects of the program i can't find. the joy.

on a rather more positive note, i've done very well with walking this week. i've walked to work every day except today [i really didn't get up in time, alas] and walked home every day, the latter by three different routes. for some reason, i've not walked home via the route i take to get to work. i've usually walked home along a main road out of the city, which isn't as unpleasant as it could be because, even in the evening peak, the traffic isn't very heavy. i need to cross it to get home and have usually found a sufficient gap in the traffic to cross without the aid of a pedestrian crossing. those moments where no traffic passes and all is quiet are my favourite part of walking home at the moment.

otherwise, there's not really a great deal to report, hence the relative lack of entries this week. i'm still not doing too badly though. only two poems so far this month though. perhaps my poetry writing rate will increase as the nights draw in, as it did spectacularly last year. i wrote 40 poems last year; this year's total so far is 30. eleven more and i'll be happy...
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i am all the people hiding... [Monday 10 September 2007, 20 23]
Richard F Vince
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[I am feeling |hungryhungry]
[I am listening to |The Levellers - Survivors]

my lack of updates does indeed indicate that i've been busy. Wednesday evening was dance practice, then on Thursday Mari and i went to see Honeyspider at the Royal Children. unfortunately, we were both pretty tired by that point in the week, so we weren't fully able to enjoy it. therefore, Friday evening was composed of very little, in the interests of resting. in spite of the tiredness and my consequent inability to get up for work in good time, i had a madly productive couple of days in which i got a lot done. this surge was probably caused by having little to do [or at least, little to do that could actually be done] earlier in the week, and therefore may prove to be self defeating as i'm in danger of running out of stuff to do again.

on Saturday i definitely needed to get out and about somewhere. as i awoke before it got too late, i headed for South YorkshireCollapse ).

i thought i had better cut the foregoing, as i had a lot to say about what was really not a very long or varied day out. it was certainly an enjoyable adventure, and has left me determined to have a fuller day out in South Yorkshire before too long, hopefully taking in Doncaster and the remainder of Supertram. there are more pressing targets though; watch this space.

on my way home from work today i had a mini adventure. i decided to walk home, as i finished in unusually good time and it was a nice afternoon. i ended up walking through some of the Park, the rather strange private estate to the west of town. normally i walk through some of it on the way to work, but this time i explored some parts i'd not visited before. it's very hilly in parts, so it was good exercise too.

next on the agenda is food, which i shall begin to cook once Mari returns and decides what she wants. therefore, i shall get this posted. hope all is well.
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my sister says she never dreams at night; there are days when i know why... [Tuesday 04 September 2007, 20 15]
Richard F Vince
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[I am listening to |The Goo Goo Dolls - Ain't That Unusual]

on Sunday night, Mari and i went to see the Silversun Pickups at the Social. all we knew of their music beforehand was gleaned from borrowing their so far only album from a colleague, so they were something of an unknown quantity. they were rather impressive: putting everything they had into their performance and obviously enjoying doing so. in stark contrast, their support act, SonicFlyer, were lacklustre and seemed pretty bored. frankly, had i been a member of the band and had to play that set, i would be too. it all sounded the same, and the singer mumbled her way through the entire set. i couldn't tell whether Mari was shutting her eyes to try and concentrate on something else, or whether she was just nodding off.

i just dropped a Cadbury's Eclair on the floor. i can't see where it rolled to.

otherwise, there's little to report, hence lack of entries until now. i ended up removing musicshuffle from my friends list, as it was just filling my friends page. i'll probably pop along and have a browse occasionally, but it is definitely less important than your writings. for now, i think i shall probably go in search of food. take care.
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